My Beauty Within is a project that I started recently.

I want to capture women, now, today, beautiful as you are.  

It came to me one day when looking in the mirror and thought so many negative things about myself and wondered if I was alone in thinking that way.  I asked around and definitely heard loud and clear that most women do not feel good enough when they look in the mirror and that makes me so sad.  

You are so much more significant that what you perceive to be your biggest flaws.

This epiphany came to me one day as I was washing my hair!  Will my kids care if I had a pimple on my face that day when we were getting photos done?  Or will they just be so happy to have a photo with me in it with them.  

We all look at ourselves and wish we were different.  Let\'s change that line of thinking.  Like the dove beauty campaign. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.  Who are we to allow the media to dictate what is beautiful?  

We as women are beautiful. Today. 

  Please send me an email( or call me so we can talk about setting up your beauty within session.  

You can even bring a friend, your mom, your daughter and be photographed together. 

I would love to capture your beauty within.